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Related article: Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 19:29:38 -0800 (PST) From: Grant Slatibartfast Subject: After Hours Office Fun - story for TG/TV archiveNote: The characters in this story are real and the events actually happened, if you liked this story I would love to hear from you and you may enjoy my other stories in the Nifty Archive; Tracey the TV and Both As Girls. E-mail me at Hours Office FunIt was a nice and mild evening as I walked up the path to the office door, my buttoned up business suit effectively hiding the feminised body hidden within. Nn Preteen Pics Under this formal male exterior was a smooth body wrapped in a navy blue satin corset, dark blue satin g- string, black lace garter belt and black lace top seamed stockings.My arse felt empty and open due to my earlier having removed the butt plug that I wear each afternoon, a self imposed training ritual that I use to ensure that I am always ready for some fun. As it was 6.00pm the reception area was empty and I walked straight through and up the corridor to my lover's office.I entered the room after knocking twice and was surprised and delighted to find not only my lover seated behind his desk, but my female trainer and mistress seated in one of the two visitor's chairs. I smiled with the realisation that this was going to be a fun filled session and I was to play a very submissive part. I leant over the desk and kissed my lover, his tongue dancing with mine, each of us obviously turned on by the thoughts of what was to come. I kissed my mistress as I turned and sat in the vacant chair.I am a person who hates those awkward moments when everyone just sits around waiting for someone to make the first move, so I asked what the plan for the evening was to be. My mistress replied that I was to strip out of my male clothes and then sit down and wait to be instructed. I gladly complied and ensured that I presented each of them with the most provocative poses I could manage whilst I undressed. My mistress produced my favourite pair of 5" heeled stilettos from her bag and I slipped those on as I took my seat.I was told to sit and watch as my lover cleared his desk top and he and my mistress stripped each other as they groped and kissed. Soon they were both standing before me, my man stripped naked with his beautiful 6" circumcised cock standing semi erect and my lady in a dark green corset, high heels and stockings. My lover stood before me and presented his cock to my lips, I gladly opened my mouth and sucked his cock into the warm, velvet softness. I wrapped my tongue around the head of his cock as I sucked and blew him until he was as hard as a rock, his pre-cum tasting delightful in my mouth as I massaged his arse with one hand while cupping his balls with the other.My mistress was busy French kissing him as I was servicing his manhood and once he was hard he pulled away from my loving mouth and they embraced with increasing passion. My mistress then broke free and leant forward over the desk, side on to where I was sitting. I was instructed to kneel behind her and get her ready for my lover. I knelt down and buried my face between her arse cheeks and eagerly thrust my tongue into her pussy. I sucked her clit and swollen pussy lips as I felt her juices start to flow, I pushed my tongue into her tight arse and heard her breath grow fast and shallow as her excitement rose. My man stood beside us watching until he told me to sit back in my chair now that I have prepared her for him.As I sat down, my lover stood behind my mistress and in one swift movement plunged his cock deep into her soaked pussy. Taking hold of her hips he started to pump into her and, as I watched with my hand on my hard cock, they were soon fucking like wild dogs. I love watching my mistress being fucked by other men, the sight of their hard cocks sliding in and out of her great body turns me on so much, especially with the thought that maybe later she will let them fuck me as she watches and instructs. Soon my lover's strokes increased and then he held himself deep within my mistress's body as he pumped his precious load deep into her pussy, the room filled with the sounds of their mutual orgasm and the smells of their sex.Once he was spent my man pulled out of my mistress's fucked body and instructed me to take my place back at her pussy and to clean her up. I willingly took my place and thrust my tongue into her stretched pussy as I lapped up the intoxicating liquor of her pussy juice mixed with his cum. As I knelt drinking, I could feel my lover apply some lubricant to my tight hole and insert a finger into me. I sighed and rocked back on my heels to force his finger deeper into me and my mistress moved away from the desk and sat in her chair to recover from her exertions. She instructed me to lie forward on the desk as she had done, and with my heels causing my arse to be at the perfect height, my now hard again Nn Preteen Pics lover slowly impaled me upon his fantastic cock.There is little else to compare with the feeling of slowly being filled with cock, it is the most amazing and best feeling ever and I love it. Once my lover was fully accommodated within my body, he took hold of my hips and slowly started to fuck me. My mistress watched us fucking with her fingers playing in her pussy, my hard cock was pressed up against the desk as I slid back and forth over the desk top as my lover pumped me with his cock. I moaned and whimpered like a bitch in heat as I enjoyed my lover's attentions, my actions and clothes spurring him on as he fucked me faster and deeper with every stroke.Then suddenly I was empty as my lover pulled his cock from my body, my arse wide open and begging to be filled again, my body craving to be fucked. I was instructed to lie upon the floor and, after doing so, my mistress came and knelt over my face and lowered her pussy onto my mouth. As I sucked on the clit that was pressed into my mouth, I felt my legs being lifted over the shoulders of my lover as he positioned himself between my thighs and once again guided his hard manhood into my craving arse.I was in heaven as I sucked and slurped on my mistress's pussy and was fucked by that big cock. My body was consumed with total pleasure as my mouth and arse were filled with my partners' sex, the room filled with sounds of moaning and the wet sounds of sex. Soon came that most amazing feeling of all, as I gulped down the increasing flow of cum from my mistress's pussy, I felt my lover's cock expand to fill my entire being before the familiar feeling of warm cum being pumped directly into my bowels took all of my attention.I squeezed my anal muscles tight so that I could milk every last drop of cum from that cock buried deep in my arse, and as I did so, my cock exploded, sending streams of cum over my satin clad chest and even splashing onto the back Nn Preteen Pics of my mistress as she sat over my face. I lay on the floor loving the feeling of being filled with cum as my lovers lay beside me and we kissed each other and got our breath back. I cannot think of many things better than submitting to a hard cock and wet pussy and as I lay there I was hoping that we had only just got through the first course of a three course meal.
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